Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Woman Was on the Phone with Her Fiancé When She Was Shot and Killed

Tanya Nikitina, 34, was murdered by her former mother-in-law in 2010, just weeks before her wedding to Rod Hernandez. Hernandez finally opened up about that terrible day, most shockingly revealing that he was on the phone with her when she was shot [via Daily Mail].
Mary Nance Hanson killed Nikitina after she divorced Hanson's son, Dale Jankowski. Hanson didn't want Nikitina to get custody of her and Jankowski's two young children, so Hanson gunned Nikitina down in the school parking lot where Nikitina taught.
Hernandez said he happened to be on the phone with Nikitina when she was killed. "She was telling me how much she loved me when suddenly I heard her scream and there was a loud bang. I could still hear her engine revving and the radio playing. I thought she'd had an accident. The school was only a short drive away, so I jumped in my car. I stayed on the phone the whole way there, screaming her name trying to wake her up," he says.
Hanson will do life in prison, but knowing that isn't enough for Hernandez. "No amount of time in prison is going to bring Tanya back. Hearing my fiancée's tragic end on the phone still haunts me. I still can't believe she's gone," he said.

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