Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today Last Day For Massive Give-Away

Unfortunately today is the last day for Russell
Brunson's Big Birthday Celebration for turning
29 years old.

He says he's getting old fast (yeah right!), but
he still wanted to celebrate!

If you have not already taken advantage of it,
do it now. Don't hold it for another day.

It will not be there tomorrow:

Just to recap:

Hundreds of internet marketers have come out
to contribute to Russell's Birthday Bash.

Offering tons of gifts worth thousands of dollars
at no cost to you:

-tons of ebooks
-tons of scripts
-tons of everything you've ever wanted

Don't miss this one.

It will be gone after today and it won't come back.

Take care,

Krister Laitinen

PS: - I've been quite privileged to extend
this offer to you. I hope you make tons of money
out of this. Thank you.

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